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We have great hope for the church of Memphis.


*There is a movement of unity and partnership among Gospel-centered churches that we are joining.

*In a city with a history of division, we are bringing together Christ-followers from across racial, cultural, and political lines.


*The world has come to Memphis, and we join with God in His passion to gather people from all nations into His family.

*70% of Americans are now uninterested in attending a worship service of any kind. We all live and work with people who are outside of life with Jesus, and we will pursue them with extravagant hospitality, service and love.


*In a city where 25% of our people are living in poverty, we will partner to address urgent needs wherever we can.

*We believe the best thing for every city and neighborhood is a healthy church. So we will work to multiply new churches at least every 4 years, both in Memphis and beyond.

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